Gwithian goes off x2!

Well Autumn has fully kicked in this week!


Hedging all bets me and Sarah took Wednesday off this week and after surfing Fistral Wednesday night, kipping in the van and then windsurfing Gwithian/Mexicos twice and surfing through sunset when the wind dropped it was worth it!

The waves were great, the wind was super gusty side-offshore/offshore and varying from 10-35knts making it a tad tricky in places! However, we all got some great waves and some good shots, including my leg pulling aerial crash and token broken mast swim at the end of the session!


What more could you want after a great session than to see the forecast swell for the weekend reach 5.5ft @ 18seconds -> 7ft @ laymans terms GOOD SWELL (for the U.K.)!

After I managed to stop Sarah running excited rings around the house (imagine a spaniel on cocaine), we packed the car (van is poorly) and headed to Will Rodger's 30th in Polzeath! One freezing, no sleep, night in a tent meant I was firing on about 1 cylinder ... perfect for the surf ahead.

Anyways, long story short Godrevy fired! Offshore, hard to paddle in to but otherwise a good session! Few big hold downs to make life more interesting as well!

Hope you like the pics!