Unbelievable. We went to Topocalma last Sunday for the first windy day in what feels like ages. Everyone had said they were going to go and as it was the weekend we were nervous it was going to be busy and involve battling for waves in mediocre conditions...

On arrival there was no one else there at all! We bumped into one friend who was leaving after having sailed for an hour overpowered on her 4m and was going somewhere less windy.

Having already rigged 4.7 I depowered and went out anyway. The wind was up and down for the first hour to the point of being to light to sail, then suddenly it kicked in full power 4m weather!

I sailed for about 2.5 hours with just me and Sarah out the whole time! I had the Gopro on the boom looking back to film and with this being the 7th time (1st time mast broke, 2nd time Sarah had locked the card and ever since the wind has died when I put it on!) I have tried this angle I finally thought I had some good footage. Only to find out when I derigged the camera was still on time lapse!! ARGGHH!

To top it off I got my timing wrong heading back out, thinking I was going to get a good ramp, it closed out on me and I didn't get my foot out in time...so I got dragged backwards over the falls by my ankle...it hurts, but not so bad I can't strap it up and sail!

Still an awesome session and some of the pics are cool - hope you like the angle.

Big waves and wind forecast for the end of our trip so keep posted...