Photos, videos and Pozo!

Well it has been a very busy bunch of weeks since we got back from Chile! The U.K. has been absolutely rubbish, we have literally had no decent swell since we got back.

Still on an exciting note I have my new Simmer Quantum 85l board in now and it rips! Perfect board for making the most out of U.K./European conditions!

There was one sneaky afternoon surf session at Whitsands which was head high + a bit, offshore and fun. Otherwise it has been windy on and off but usually with no relation to swell and therefore it has been a bit of a freestyle month.

Still staying fit is key and I get edgy if I am out of the water for more than a couple of days so summer longboard sessions, spearfishing and SUPing are all happening and on the cards for the rest of the summer.

In case you missed it below is our Chile video and the video from Windsurf 4 Cancer! The W4CR event was incredible once again with a lot of money raised for charity and fun had by everyone! There wasn't enough wind to get our zero planing...but we decided to tackle as many sports in one day as we could!

Finally, last weekend saw Bigbury turned into 'Tarifa' with crowded beach, clear hot weather and 4m easterlies for some choppy freestyle! Hylton (Sarah's brother in law) learnt planing in the harness and waterstarts and also took some in water shots...stay tuned for jumping ones as soon as there is wind and waves!

Right time to sort Pozo accomodation...flying Saturday!

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Chile 2012:

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Windsurf 4 Cancer 2012:

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