Pozo pics and windy U.K.

Well we are back from Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria to a windy but cold United Kingdom!

We didn't get a great amount of waves in Pozo while we were there so we only took a few photos on the last couple of days and only for a few minutes, either way there are a couple of ok ones!

Overall the trip was great fun, all our friends that are out there at the minute are getting ready for the PWA event (if it ever gets confirmed) and in just 10 days we managed to sail 6 days, go to a waterpark and generally just enjoy a bit of a summer holiday!

A special mention must go to Eva for the closest call ever (this is entirely accidental and we know the sailor, it is just one of the dangers of sailing in 3m weather, crowded and low sun in your eyes!) and Justyna who badly broke her foot on only her second day there pre event! She broke her 2nd, 3rd and 4th bones in her foot with a twisting motion causing 3rd to shatter/splinter into her ankle. And has also dislocated the other 2 and damaged her ankle and damaged the Lisfranc complex. Overall a pretty bad injury and I am sure everyone wishes her a speedy recovery from the surgery earlier this week!

Marcillo Browne also hurt his knee during this final push forward on the last morning we were there - see the epic Pozo video here. I hope the knee injury isn't to bad and that Marcillo heals quickly!

The reason there are only a couple out is that this is 3.2m weather for the best guys in the world! Unless...you are Swifty and only have 3.7m or Marcillo who trusted Robby's judgement...haha

I hope you like the classic Pozo overpowered double chop air to catapult sequence aswell...always so enjoyable.

Right, Cornwall is going off this weekend! Video/Photo's potentially to come next week! ...