Today I windsurfed in poo.

Well there is finally some wind in Devon/Cornwall now, we just had a quick session at Bigbury. The first five minutes were fun but it quickly degraded into standard Bigbury underpowered wobbling around in poo brown water.

Waves were about head high but low tide close out central - at least it was good for a giggle. Tomorrow looks a tad more promising but not sure where we are heading yet...will hopefully have some footage if it's good.

Other news is that me and Sarah have finally finished pimping the van! We have a quick time lapse vid here that shows the conversion from builder's van to pimp surf mobile!

The bed height is adjustable so we can fit in just a few surf boards for surf weekends or at max capacity all our wave kit (2 persons quiver of boards and sails) and 3/4 surfboards aswell (or like last night slalom gear).

Also got some of our new 2013 quiver in now, more due in the next week or so, I was on the 2012 5m today but hopefully will get to try the new ones tomorrow!

Van conversion vid here...