Injury and Recovery...and Injury?

After years of no real serious injuries windsurfing, this year really has been a pain in the…elbow…shoulder…and feet!

To summarise the past year, torn bicep tendon = tendonitis (tennis elbow), impacted shoulder torn AC joint, snowboarding = floating collarbone and 10 months of

To top off the accident list, we went up to the event in Tiree last week and I was looking forward to finally getting some better sailing in (shoulder up to about 80% now). We were successful on the sailing front but I did end up at the docs to remove sand from my eyelid and crushed my foot in the straps on a fairly rough wipeout! I honestly don’t know what has happened but I seem to be injury prone at the minute!

Anyway the key to injuries is looking forward, and the main thing this year has taught me is to chase every session, enjoy whatever gets thrown at you and all injuries should fuel your desire to windsurf even more!

Having been in the Canaries this summer, then Europe (no real wind), Tiree (first goodish sessions this year) we are now in Maui for 3 weeks, for the PWA event. One final windsurf trip to round the year out and I finally should be getting some time on the water! Keep posted for some updates and fingers crossed we get a bit more action than today!

Pics are from all over the place, Ireland, Whitsands (Cornwall) and Tiree!